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New Ownership Taking Civilcast to New Heights

Posted on: 1 May 2018    |    Posted by: Tammie Light

Civilcast – Precast & Steel Solutions for Civil

In mid-March Civilcast was purchased by RDP Group. Those in management have been in the Precast Concrete Industry for 23 years. With new ownership Civilcast is reaching for new heights, with the same people.

  • Large Stocks of Civil Precast & Steel Products for your next Civil or Plumbing Project
  • Enhanced by Excellent Customer Service
  • Underpinned by a vast wealth of industry knowledge & experience from our team.

Our product range still includes:

  • Concrete Pits & Risers from 450 – 1200
  • All Grates / Cast Iron Covers to suit
  • Specialised Sydney Water DTC Products
  • Custom Made Conversion Slabs / Lids
  • Trench Grating