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Pit Riser

Civilcast 1200 Range BrochureCivilcast supply a range of precast concrete pit risers suitable for use in areas subject to wheel loads up to class D.

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Item# Item Description
PR1212 1200 1200x1200x1200 RISER
PR1212 200 1200x1200x200 RISER
PR1212 300 1200x1200x300 RISER
PR1212 900 1200x1200x900 PIT RISER
PR44 150 450x450x150 RISER
PR66 150 600x600x150 RISER
PR66 300 600x600x300 RISER
PR66 600 600x600x600 RISER
PR96 150 900x600x150 RISER
PR96 300 900x600x300 RISER
PR96 600 900x600x600 RISER
PR99 150 900x900x150 RISER
PR99 300 900x900x300 RISER
PR99 600 900x900x600 RISER
PR99 900 900x900x900 RISER

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